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Emerging Artist Gallery

The Arts Center is very excited to announce its Emerging Artist Gallery as part of the NN Arts Gallery.  This Gallery will feature bi-monthly shows which will highlight the work of one or more emerging artists. Each new show will feature pieces in 2D and 3D visual media in a variety of sizes, mediums, and styles.

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The first Show will open on June 3 and will be a part of our First Friday celebration and is titled “First Impressions” Showcase.  Each piece of artwork chosen for this exhibit will reflect the artist’s ability to express themselves as an artist through their medium.  

This Gallery will be curated by Kayla Payne.  Kayla is a 2020 alum from the College of William & Mary with a Bachelor's in Art & Art History where she focused on printmaking, painting, and drawing. In 2021, she was a Pop-Up Resident at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond where she and fellow residents showed their work for the “Where the Pieces Fall” exhibition. Currently, she is illustrating and working on comic books as well as the Curator for the Emerging Artist’s Gallery in The Arts Center.

Emerging Artist Application
Applications must be received by:  May 2, 2022
Download PDF Application here or fill out the online form below


“First Impressions” Showcase (2022)

If words couldn’t express yourself as an artist, what piece of work would? As a maker of visual

pieces, how could a passerby make a first impression of who you are without needing to say a

word? In the first opening of the Emerging Artists Showcase, we would like you to choose 1-3

pieces that can open the viewer into your world.

The Arts Center will retain a commission of 20% for any work sold.